Everything about the foster dog

In Austria there are special associations that deal with placing dogs in foster homes for a limited period of time. You have to meet certain requirements in order to be able to take a foster dog into your home. The admission of the dog is only temporary and should give the dog a good start in a new life. These foster homes are therefore an important link and help the dog with socialization.

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Why a foster dog?

The advantage of a foster dog is that the foster families can describe the dog in real everyday life. How does he get along with other dogs? With cats? Are Children a Problem? Is driving a problem? Many of these questions cannot be answered with a dog from the shelter and may lead to the dog being brought back to the shelter after a short time.


How do I deal with a foster dog?

But you also have to be aware that these dogs usually do not know a life as a family member and need some time to get used to the new living conditions. Foster dogs should not be left alone at first and should not be left alone for too long later. These dogs often suffer from separation fears, for example, and can sometimes destroy an object in their fear of being alone. The care requires a lot of time, understanding and patience from the caregivers. You should only take a foster dog if you are sure that you are up to the task.


How does the process actually work?

The dogs that come into foster families are examined by a veterinarian and also vaccinated, but you can never rule out a disease 100%. If other animals live in the household, they should also be vaccinated to avoid diseases.

Before taking on a foster dog, a care contract is also concluded to ensure that the veterinarian bills are sent directly to the association and can be paid by it. In most cases, the clubs take out liability insurance for the foster dogs. In order to prevent misuse, no costs for e.g. a nibbled table leg are covered. The clubs take care of the final place for the foster dog, so the clubs are dependent on receiving current photos and character descriptions of the foster dog from the foster families in order to then disseminate them via newspaper and internet advertisements. Should people report who are interested in the foster dog, there will be a personal meeting in the presence of a club member or a member of the foster family. In any case, the chemistry between people and four-legged friends should always be right, so that nothing stands in the way of a happy future together.