Active in old age - employment for the senior

It's Sunday and you were just visiting your grandparents with your four-legged friend. They may hear poorly or see less well, tell you about their card games or which Sudoku they have just solved. But you notice that your dog is showing more and more similarities to your grandparents. He hears badly, he sees badly and he has trouble walking? Your dog has been your companion for a long time and you are wondering, is my dog old? And how do I keep my dog young? We tell you that employment makes sense even when dogs are old.


How do I keep my dog young?

The signs of aging in dogs are similar to those in humans. Loss of vision, hearing and agility, although pain in the musculoskeletal system is not uncommon. How do you know when your dog has gotten old? He sleeps a lot more, drinks a lot more water, and is generally slower. But even if you now think that you want to wrap your darling in cotton wool so that they can have a long, beautiful evening, we say, mental challenges and small games are fun and can keep the dog fit longer.

Aktiv im Alter- Beschäftigung für den Senior -

Movement but with breaks

Perhaps you have already heard this saying: if you rest, you rust. Used a lot, but it's true. Exercise is also important in old dogs. In order to keep your senior's body fit, you should definitely pay attention to even movement during physical exertion. Slow walks or swimming are good for your joints. Your darling is no longer as fit and agile as it used to be. So take several breaks and be patient with him. Maybe go for a walk more often, but for a shorter time. Because your dog's bladder has to empty more often in old age. As I said, give yourself a lot of time, your dog has slowed down and likes to take it easy. 


Aktiv im Alter- Beschäftigung für den Senior -

But learning with breaks

Sniffing is a basic need for your dog. Nose work is a truly intellectual achievement for your four-legged friend and it is sure to make him happy even in old age. Learning through play helps maintain cognitive abilities in old age. Because just like your grandparents who do Sudokus, your dog is happy about a sniffing mat.
Intelligence toys are ideally suited to keep your four-legged friend busy. Note, however, that your dog is slower and needs more time. Design the activity units according to your dog. If you don't overwhelm yourselves, both of you will keep enjoying the game.

Do you have any tips or experiences on how to keep an old dog busy? Then write us a comment. If the article was helpful, please share it on social media. We wish you a lot of fun, even in the old age of the dog.

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